Festivals Cooperation

Erstellt am: 22.06.2021


  • Wo: 25380 Vaucluse, France
  • Wann: 01.09.2021 - 30.09.2022


We are currently developing a project to establish a long-term intercultural partnership with a music festival based in Germany. In order to develop our cooperation, we are proposing the following five main points:

  1. Cultural cooperation:

    ● Development and artistic exchanges Promoting bright young artists is one of our main activities. This project mainly aims to help emerging artists in developing their artistic careers. We support them by offering artistic residencies, business networking, promotion and the opportunity to perform at the Insane festival. Our purpose is to create a dynamic intercultural exchange between french and german young artists. We expect therefore to send some of the young artists from Apt that we are supporting to our partner in Germany. In return, we would like to welcome young german artists to Apt. This will result in intercultural artistic residencies, offering networking and performing opportunities at both festivals. We hope to build together a long-lasting intercultural artististic dynamic.
  2. Social cooperation and expertise:

    ● Workshops and skills exchanges Youth, citizenship, sustainability and artistic development are at the chore of our territorial project. It is important to us to create a supportive environment for youth to connect and share ideas on social and environmental issues. We are raising awareness through our associative village and conferences taking place during the event and in our premises. Major themes we are working on are: - Sustainability by taking into account our environmental impact and improving our practices - Gender equality - Innovation This is why we want to set up a partnership based on sharing good practices and different ideas, and fostering skills exchanges. As part of this partnership, we wish to organize : - Several annual videoconference and face-to-face exchanges to share good practices - A panel discussion or a conference, on a subject yet to be defined together, within the conference area of the festival in 2022. We believe that we have a lot of things to learn from each other. We expect that long-term cooperation based on the exchange of best practices will allow us to open up our horizons and move forward together.
  3. Solidarity and youth: developing mutual volunteering
  • We promote volunteer commitment with the youth to foster new forms of citizenship, exchange of opinions on various ideas and society subjects. 3INSANE Family project is creating a strong youth community in the territory of Apt, through a meaningful voluntary participation on several actions during the year. This includes natural areas clean-up and caregiving. In exchange, volunteers are getting a free entrance ticket for the festival and discounts in local shops. Our goal is to promote an European volunteer networking. We wish to foster volunteering exchanges during both events, and on yearly activities. We could support the festival creating its own “festival family” while exchanging volunteers on regular projects. These will therefore include physical mobility in order to establish an interesting dynamic activity. In addition, to give a boost to our actions and facilitate the movement of volunteers between countries, we are currently in the process of registration in the European programs such as Erasmus + as well as the European Solidarity Corps.

    4. Cooperation for sustainable practices

    ● Sharing of materials and event decoration Taking into consideration the social and environmental challenges, a whole reflection has reshaped our festival. We have to take into account the production of event supplies and their transport in order to prevent environmental negative impacts. For this reason, we want to create a virtuous circle of reusable and shareable material. Furthermore, we believe that this partnership could help both of us minimise costs. In addition, this project will give us an opportunity to discuss the scenographic practices, learn from each other, and to see which points could be improved.

    5. An economic partnership

    ● Tickets exchange and promotion In order to encourage the mobility of festival-goers between France and Germany, we would like to initiate a kind of exchange on ticket sales. Indeed, we would offer packages for both festivals on our online ticketing service. We would expect our partner to do so. This would promote both festivals and give a boost to our festivals’ sales.

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